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Andrew Corbin - Artist 


I love art!  All kinds of mediums and styles.  I also love to be outdoors and to be creative with hand and mind.  In 2007, I returned home from Iraq after a deployment with the Army. It was a tough year for me, as it was for all of us, and I really needed an outlet to regain my focus.  At first, I would just pack my rucksack with a lunch and take off on long hikes.  I then started taking my camera to capture the beautiful scenery I was moving through.  At this point I really started to notice artist like Onderdonk, Salinas, Church, Remington and Payne, to name a few. I identified with the romanticism of their art and the journeys in which they took to create it. I realized that I really enjoyed staring at their work and noticing the intricate,  yet seemingly effortless details of a master's brush stroke or the interpretation of light and color.  I also realized that I did not want to always travel to a museum to see these fine works. So the obvious answer was to create my own, using their influences as my guide.  Into my rucksack I added an easel, paints and a good cigar and off I went to hone my skills.  I kept studying  and eventually created my own style.  I learned to look at nature and light in a whole different way and a lot about myself in the process.  I have come to understand that the hardest parts of creating a work of art is that first brush stroke onto a canvas and the fear of judgement of others. We artists are are own worst critics and it drives us to become better, and we do. I hope you enjoy my artwork. Please send me an email for inquires about my artwork.

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